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A Curse for Spring

A Curse for Spring

A kingdom abandoned by a season. A drought strangling the land. A prince determined to save his people.

When Daric braves the terrifying source of all elements to beg Spring to return to Leathen, she sees him—and comes. But his plea has unintended consequences, leaving Spring trapped in a human body and called by a new name—Rain. He’s changed her existence forever, and Daric’s plight is no different than before, except...now they have each other.

Rain can’t control the weather as she once could, but exile in human form has given her something that eternity as a goddess lacked completely—a companion. Now, years later, the dire drought continues. Both Rain and Daric face unwanted marriages for the good of the kingdom. But life without her prince? Unthinkable. They must break the curse on Leathen.

A race against time and devastating obligations begins for Rain and Daric—and love is a powerful incentive.

A Curse For Spring is a 29,000 word, standalone novella. This story originally appeared in the Seasons of Sorcery anthology and has no additional content.

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February 2020, ASIN: B084FQGYHY

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