The Kingmaker Chronicles

A Promise of Fire

Book One


Cat Fisa isn’t who she pretends to be. She’s perfectly content living disguised as a soothsayer in a traveling circus, avoiding the destiny the Gods—and her dangerous family—have saddled her with. As far as she’s concerned, the magic humming within her blood can live and die with her. She won’t be a pawn in anyone’s game.

But then she locks eyes with an ambitious warlord from the magic-deprived south and her illusion of safety is shattered forever.

Griffin knows Cat is the Kingmaker—the woman who divines truth through lies—and he wants her to be a powerful weapon for his newly conquered realm. Kidnapping her off the street is simple enough, but keeping her by his side is infuriatingly tough. Cat fights him at every turn, showing a ferocity of spirit that burns hot…and leaves him desperate for more. But can he ever hope to prove to his once-captive that he wants her there by his side as his equal, his companion…and maybe someday, his Queen?

This is a re-release with extensive bonus materials and artwork.

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Praise for A Promise of Fire

A Goodreads Choice Awards Top 10 Finalist for Best Debut
An NPR Best Book of 2016
An Amazon Best Book of 2016

Fantasy romance at its finest! This book has it all: A heroine full of spunk and spark, a hero full of mystery and masculinity, and an epic story full of intrigue and action. You will fall in love with these delicious characters. This book is utterly breathtaking!
—Darynda Jones, New York Times bestselling author

The characters are wonderfully likeable, the world is unique and full of intrigue, and there’s this deep sense of warmth to the book that I loved and that kept me inhaling the story…I cannot wait to read the next book.
—Nalini Singh, New York Times bestselling author
Bouchet skillfully melds the genres while crafting a sexy, emotional romance. Griffin and Cat are beautifully matched—together, her magic and his might make for a sparkling read.
—Sarah MacLean, The Washington Post

Exquisite world building incorporating Greek mythology puts this high-fantasy romance in a class of its own. Give this to your Game of Thrones fans. They will love the political plays, the dragons, and the adventure.
Booklist, STARRED review

Action-packed, emotionally charged, and skillfully plotted.
Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review
I just read Amanda Bouchet’s A Promise of Fire and loved it!
—Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author

Breath of Fire

Book Two


Cat Fisa’s warlord captor-turned-lover may have crowned her with the symbols of the three realms, but war is far from over. She believes in what Griffin is trying to accomplish. She believes that peace will finally come when the realms are united. And she believes that with her by his side, Griffin has the strength to change the world.

But with her dangerous past resurfacing and the neighboring royals out for blood, Cat and Griffin must strike soon if they want to unify the land without full-scale war.

They’ll do anything to avoid innocent bloodshed, including crossing the treacherous Ice Plains or entering the deadly Agon Games to win access to the royal court…and the very family they plan to usurp. When their desperate battle for survival is over, Cat and Griffin will either be standing side-by-side in the heart of their future kingdom—or not at all.

This is a re-release with extensive bonus materials and artwork.

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Praise for Breath of Fire

A USA Today Bestseller
An Amazon Best Book of 2017

Breath of Fire is a heart-pounding and joyous romantic adventure that swept me away. Amanda Bouchet’s talent is striking.
—Nalini Singh, New York Times bestselling author
Absolutely Fabulous.
—C.L. Wilson, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author
With breathtaking storytelling, high-octane action and adventure, intense romance, and threads to ancient Greek mythology that both ground the worldbuilding and spin it in new, imaginative directions, Bouchet sets the bar for high-concept fantasy romance. Simply brilliant.
Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review
As pieces of Cat’s history are revealed, she becomes more than a badass warrior; she becomes real, that is, honest and flawed. Though she is as snarky as ever, and Griffin remains patient and protective, together they are sexy as hell, romantic and adorable.
Booklist, STARRED review
Bouchet ramps up the excitement . . . with high-intensity passion; adrenaline-fueled battles of wits, magic, and might; a host of magical creatures; and enough politics and world-shaking to keep readers eager for the final volume.
Publishers Weekly, STARRED review
[Bouchet’s] novels are easily the most interesting, creative romances I’ve read all year.
Seattle Book Review

Heart on Fire

Book Three


Cat Fisa’s destiny has finally caught up with her. But fully accepting her fate means taking a final, terrifying step—reuniting all three realms and embracing her place as Queen with warlord-turned-king Griffin at her side. Yet forging their kingdom can only mean going to war with Fisa and its violent Alpha—Cat’s own mother, Andromeda.

Although Cat used to be Andromeda’s sole weakness, that’s no longer true. And while Andromeda seems to know every trick and spell, Cat’s own magic refuses to work like it should. When tragedy strikes, Cat unleashes the power she’s been afraid of all her life, but her misuse of the Gods’ gifts comes with a terrible price.

Ripped away from Griffin and the home she’s come to love, Cat’s only option is to fully accept the power she’s always denied so that she can return to the people she loves, confront her murderous mother, and finish restoring her kingdom—no matter the ultimate cost.

This is a re-release with extensive bonus materials and artwork.

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Praise for Heart on Fire

Bouchet’s stunning Kingmaker Chronicles trilogy ends the way it began, with creativity, brilliance, and a breathtaking balance of heart-pounding adventure and heart-wrenching emotion.
Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review
Delivers breathtaking romance, riveting action, mythology, and high-stakes political games…Bouchet continues to not only set the bar for fantasy romance but to crash over it.
Booklist, STARRED review
Fans will swoon…Bouchet’s series ends strongly with a hopeful vision of leadership balanced with divinity and humanity.
Publishers Weekly, STARRED review
Amanda Bouchet closes out her epic Kingmaker Chronicles with a tale both sweeping in its world building and poignant in its emotion. A Homeric trilogy not to be missed.
—Grace Draven, USA Today bestselling author
Magic, action, romance—everything I love in a series. Cat will steal your heart.
—Jennifer Estep, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author
A thrilling conclusion to an epic tale! The final Kingmaker book delivers with both heat and heart—loved it!
—Jeffe Kennedy, award-winning author

Of Fate and Fire


The Kingmaker Chronicles meets modern-day New York City

Piers, an exiled warrior from Thalyria, finds himself in the Big Apple just before the holidays. The world and everything in it might be utterly foreign to him, but that won’t stop Piers from helping to complete a vital mission for Athena. His goal? To protect Sophie, a French teacher from Connecticut who’s suddenly knee-deep in inexplicable phenomena, danger, and henchmen after an Olympian treasure that should never have ended up in her hands—or remained on Earth after the Greek gods abandoned it.

Of Fate and Fire first appeared in the Fire of the Frost anthology.

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A Curse of Queens

Book Four


After centuries of conflict, the three kingdoms of Thalyria have finally been reunited. But now the queen has been cursed, the royal lineage has been broken, and no one knows who’s behind the plot to threaten the once-fractured realm’s fragile new peace.

Desperate to help, Jocasta—the king’s younger sister and a gifted healer—hatches a daring plan to find Circe’s Garden, a fabled island where she hopes to discover an antidote. But she can’t do it alone. She needs the strong arm and unflinching bravery of the warrior she’s loved since childhood—her brother’s right-hand-man and captain of the guard, Flynn of Sinta.

Flynn has spent years fighting to deny the desperate longing burning between them, but he cannot allow Jocasta to face this danger alone. He swears he will be her shield, and together they will do the impossible. Yet with old feelings blazing bright and treachery brewing on Mount Olympus, one thing is clear: Thalyria and its new royals are still pawns in an epic game of power—one that might end in a War of Gods.

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Praise for A Curse of Queens

Amanda Bouchet returns to her Kingmaker Chronicles world with an epic fantasy adventure that’s full of magic, mythology, and sizzling romance. A Curse of Queens will cast a spell on readers.
—Jennifer Estep, New York Times bestselling author
Amanda Bouchet has created another story so lush with myth and magic that the characters step off the page. I fell hard for Jocasta, for Flynn, for all of Team Hope as their love and loyalty are tested over and over by gods and monsters alike.
—Author Maria Vale
A delightful return to the fantastical, thrilling Kingmaker world. Faithful fans will love Jocasta and Flynn’s epic quest and romance—and will be richly rewarded for their long wait.
—Jeffe Kennedy, award-winning author
Bouchet strikes a perfect balance between evocative Greek mythology-inspired world building and grand romance in this fabulous adventure.
Bookpage, starred review

The Kingmaker Chronicles

E-book Box Set

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